The Family Trees of Rex and Yvonne Toomey

The Ancestral Chart of Rex Toomey:


John Toomey

Jeremiah Toomey
    Francis Toomey   Sara Melvin
      Ellen Duckworth William Duckworth
  Walter P Toomey     Mary Spencer
      Carl Ulrich Baumann Carl Baumann
    Minnie Eileen Baumann   Katharina Petersen
      Mattielde Friedrike Carl Korff
Rex Patrick Toomey       Henriette Jersch
      James Taylor Robert Taylor
    John Joseph Taylor   Mary Willis
      Mary Ann Dooling Nicholas Dooling
  Dorothy M Taylor     Catherine Byrne
      Thomas Henry Smith William (Thomas) Smith
    Amilida Mary Smith   Maria Leo
      Angeline Therea Bell Increase Robinson Bell
        Jane Holford Hill

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The Ancestral Chart of Yvonne Toomey (nee Jackson):

      Ezekiel Jackson Amosa Jackson
    Frederick J Jackson   Sara Row
      Ellen Murray Michael Murray
  Clarence J Jackson     Catherine McGovern
      George henry Avery John Abel Avery
    Charlotte Ellen Avery   Charlotte Emma Davis
      Rachael Cook William Cook
Yvonne M Jackson       Ann Kearns
      William Oliver Atkins Henry Atkins
    Oliver William Atkins   Mary Ann Stace
      Sarah Ellen Lawrence Wiliam Lawrence
  Laura Olive Atkins     Ellen Pettit
      John O'Byrne William Byrne
    Lucy May O'Byrne   Lucy Unknown
      Elizabeth Agnes Carney Patrick Carney
        Elizabeth Connor

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