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Suggested Academic Source Examples

The following list shows the major types of sources that you may like to include in your EZITREE family history.  These are not meant to be mandatory but useful suggestions that can be adopted to try and maintain consistency when entering data into the Source fields.

Click on an entry below to open a window showing details and comments on how the source may be used.

1 Birth, Marriage and Death Record/Certificates
2 Baptismal, Marriage and Burial information from original Church Registers
3 Published Books
4 Interviews and Oral History
5 Personal Journals and Diaries
6 Periodicals - Magazines, Newspapers, etc
7 Microform Records - Microfilm and Microfiche
8 Computer Storage Devices - CD-ROMís and DVDís
9 Personal Information and Verbal Communication
10 Letters Regarding Family History
11 Family Heirlooms
12 Internet Sources
13 Family Histories and Genealogies
14 Emails
15 Photographs
16 National Archives (Australia) War Service Records

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