EZITREE v9 - Sample Charts

The charts listed below are the 24 main types that may be produced in EZITREE.  However, there are many options available to most of these charts that expand the number even further. For example, there are three different formats for the Drop Line Descendants Chart in either Portrait or Landscape mode. All charts have the option to produce an index of names of the persons appearing in the charts with page numbers, and many charts have the option to include separate reports showing sources, occupations, last names and places. 

In all charts you may set the font size and type of the headers and footers to be different to that of the data in the charts, or suppress the headers and footers entirely.  Also, you may set the family name of each person to be upper case or mixed case, show or hide the record numbers, and even set the start page number or determine which pages will be printed.

Once the particular chart has been created and displayed on screen, you may sent it to your printer, or output it to a file as PDF (Portable Document Format), MS Word (either text boxes or document flow), RTF (Rich Text Format) (either text boxes or document flow) or HTML.  

To see examples of the charts, click on the chart format description below.  The sample charts have been created as PDF files for clarity and you will require the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the charts.  Be patient with the charts that include images because these are big files around 400kb with the six generation ancestors chart 1.7mb. They may take a few minutes to download to your computer if you do not have broadband.

Although not shown, EZITREE also provides the facility to print 18 blank forms, mainly related to Australian, New Zealand and English family research.

Chart Type Chart Format
Ancestors   Five Generation - horizontal format (Birth Brief)  
  Five Generation - horizontal format with Images  
  Five Generation - vertical format  
  Three Generation - circular format  
  Narrative or Story Book  
  Listing or Ahnentafel  
  Six Generation - portrait format with Images  
  Seven Generation - horizontal format  
  Eight Generation - horizontal format  
Descendants   Tabular - Two Lines  
  Tabular - Three Lines  
  Tabular - Five Lines  
  Tabular - Five Lines with Images  
  Narrative or Story Book  
  Line of Descent   
  Drop Line  
Family Group   Standard Children Format  
  Alternate Children Format  
  With Images  
Events   Chronology  
  Chronology with Images
Biographical   Current Person  
  Ancestors, also available for Descendants, Family Group and All Records
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