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1. New Zealand Index of Births, Deaths and Marriages
This new site allows for searches of births to 1908, stillbirths to 1958, marriages to 1928 and deaths to 1958 (where the deceased date of birth was no later than 1928). Please check the web site for for full details of the search periods that are available. Please note that this search engine is similar to that used by the Queensland BDM's and it is possible to find the actual date of an event by selective searching the date ranges (also known as 'binary chop'). Click here for a detailed explanation of how to determine the event dates.

New Zealand 19th Century Newspapers Digitising Project 

This site hosts Papers Past a web site of the National Library of New Zealand and showcases selected 19th century New Zealand newspapers and periodicals. The site currently contains digital images of over 750,000 pages from 34 publications.  This includes the New Zealander 1845 to 1852, the Southland times 1869 to 1905 and the Bay of Plenty Times 1875 to 1886 as well as many other early newspapers. A very worthwhile site due to its extensive time period coverage.

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