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1. When I start EZITREE, I get a message saying "Low Level File Error: 2 Access Denied"
2. I get an error message when I try to start EZITREE and I am returned to the Windows Desktop when I click the <Okay> button.
3. When a person gets married and the name is changed, does that make a second entry in the index under the same number?
4. I decided to check some siblings and offspring of various people whom I previously knew were correct, but they all come up with " No offspring found" or "No Siblings found".
5. With the software licence arrangements, am I able to use the software on both my desktop & Laptop machines?
6. How do I backup my data to a CD-ROM?
7. I have just upgraded EZITREE and the text in some of the windows appears very tiny - almost impossible to read.  How do I fix this? 
8. When I link a JPG image to EZITREE, no image appears.  What do I need to do to see the image?
9. I have a problem using EZITREE and cannot close the program down.  I have tried clicking close but the program seems to be in a loop. What do I do?
10. How can I produce an Occupations list with the Descendants Narrative Chart when this option is disabled. 
11. After upgrading from v8, the Family Tree Book (FTB) won't work with the Line of Descent chart. 
12. I want to import a GEDCOM file but do not understand how that will affect my existing data.
13. When I print out a Family Group Chart, the primary person's information is repeated under the spouse.
14. I have upgraded to the latest version of Ezitree (v9 from v8) and the the old version is still on my computer.  Why is it there and how do I remove it?
15. I want to upgrade to the latest version of Ezitree (v9 from v8) but am concerned about having to re-learn the program.
16. What is the best way to store images which are used in Ezitree?
17. Why do I have to link an image to a Photograph event?  Why can't I link it to the Birth event?
18. I am having difficulties linking a person as a spouse.  I have created a marriage event but find it confusing to add the name of a spouse to the marriage event. How can i make it all work?
19. When I add the first name of a female child, the gender is left at 'Male'.  Why can't the program set the correct gender?
20. When I try to backup to a floppy disk, I get an error?
21. When creating a custom header for a report, I keep getting an error?
22. When I go to do a backup, I get an error message even though the backups have worked in the past?
23. When I merge Source Items, I am losing some of the Source Detail information?
24. I have upgraded to the new version of Ezitree but the Family Tree Book I had previously created has lost the captions below the images.  How do I get them back?
25. When entering data in some fields, a list 'pops' up showing previously entered words. Is there any way I can remove entries from the list?
26. If I reduce the year of death from 1967 to 1965 for example, I get a message that says 'Death event year is before other events of this person' but it isn't.  Why is this happening?
27. If a man is living with a woman (and vice versa) in a relationship and then get married, should I record both the relationship and marriage events?
28. When doing a restore from a backup, a message appears saying the file 'c:\etwplus\etwtemp\etpbkup.zip' already exists and do I want to overwrite it - Yes, No or Cancel - how should I respond?
29. When I save my data & image files to CD are there any other files in the program that I should have extra copies of?
30. When I type in a Given Name and part  of it is missing such as "P...g", it ends up as " P...G", that is, the last letter is in capitals. How do I fix this?
31. How do I stop the program closing sometimes when I try to create a Web Page output?
32. What causes my name and details to be overlapped at the bottom of the report page?
33. My daughter didn't change her name when she married, yet the 'Other Names' shows her first name and her husband's family name?
34. I purchased a new laptop running Windows Vista. I am currently operating on Windows XP. Do I need to update my programme disc and if so, are there any special instructions for transferring data?
35. Is it possible to have two Ezitree data files open at the same time?
36. Will you please let me know the country code for Sudan because I cannot find the correct Chapman Code?
37. How do I fix names such as 'Macey' appearing as 'MacEY'?
38. I have a very large family tree and I want to use Ezitree to produce family books for each branch of the family. Therefore, do I include all of the family branches in the one data file or is better to split the family tree into separate data files for each main branch?  However, if I have separate data files, there is obviously going to be the need for some overlapping.

Is it better to enter the woman's name as a single person, i.e. maiden name, and then add the married name later, or to put her down under her married name first?


Why is it that when I use the Multimedia function and insert a photograph (from Picasa), it often disappears from Ezitree?


What is the best way to link or record fathers to children where the situation is a surrogate father?


Ezitree has stopped working since I installed Kaspersky's Anti-Virus software

43. Who will provide support for Ezitree if you are unable to continue doing so?
44. If I want to import a Gedcom file of another family tree, do I need a second copy of Ezitree?

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