EZITREE Family History Software - Version 8 - Frequently Asked Questions


I am unable to get the bottom cursor bar of the print preview window to show, because the bottom taskbar or information bar of Ezitree is in the way. How do I display the full print preview screen?

This problem is related to 'window resizing'.  Basically, you need to resize the window back to 'fit' your screen dimensions.
To begin with, carefully move the mouse pointer over any border of the preview window that you can see.  (If you can't see any borders, move the window down by 'dragging' the window border as detailed below.) The pointer should turn into a double header arrow.  When this happens, click the left mouse button, hold it down, then 'drag' the boarder of the window towards the middle of the screen.  What is actually happening, is that the window is being reduced in size.  Do this for all corners that you can see. 
You also may need to 'move' the window back into the centre of the window. Notice that the top border on every screen is a blue colour.  If you left click on the blue area, hold the mouse button down and 'drag' you will see the whole window move. 
Repeat these actions until you 'resize' it to the dimensions of the screen.
2. When I start EZITREE, I get a message saying "Low Level File Error: 2 Access Denied"
This is a problem that I have come across several times.  It may be due to copying data to and from a CD-ROM disk. When you copy the data to a CD-ROM, the operating system sets all the files as 'read-only'.  However, when you copy the files back to your hard disk drive, it doesn't re-set them to read/write.

To fix this problem, go into Windows Explorer and 'select' (that is highlight) all the files in the directory. Next, right mouse click and open Properties at the bottom. Under the General tab you will see a 'Read-Only' box at the bottom.  If there is a tick in the box, click it once to remove the tick.

3. I get an error message when I try to start EZITREE and when I press 'Okay', I am returned to the Windows Desktop.
This is a difficult situation which may be due to a number of causes.   The best approach is to do the following-

1. Go into Windows Explorer and rename the existing ETW folder to something else, such as ETWOLD.

2. Reinstall EZITREE using the defaults and create an empty file called 'FAMILY'.

3. Go back to Windows Explorer and copy the files from the renamed \ETWOLD\ETWDATA to the new \ETW\ETWDATA.  Firstly copy the files ECODES.DBF, ECODES.CDX, EWDATES.DBF, EWDATES.CDX, ESEXCODE.DBF and ESEXCODE.CDX.  Overwrite the existing files if prompted. Next, copy each group of files with the same prefix.  For example, you may have an EZITREE file called 'SMITH'.  You will see up to 20 files all named similar to SMITH__1,DBF, SMITH__1.CDX, SMITH__2.DBF, etc. 

4. After you copy each set of named datafiles, try starting EZITREE. If it starts, copy the next group of named datafiles and try to open it inside of EZITREE.

5. The purpose of this  process is to try and identify if any particular datafile is causing the program problems.

6. In any event, you will have taken regular backups of your data which you will be able to recover from. You have done those backups, haven't you?

7. Of course, you may contact me at anytime to help you resolve these types of problems.

4. When a person gets married and the name is changed, does that make a second entry in the index under the same number?
In the EZITREE index, the system creates a separate entry for all the name variations under the same record number. Note that the name of a female on a marriage event should be her maiden name and all subsequent events under the married name.
5. I'm having trouble finding people with double barrel names such as De VALENTIN  and Le SUEUR which is also shown as Le SUSIER,  Others are Dal BROI and Dal BON and another is De WITT.  When I type them in to find them I just get the second half or something near it.  On some of them I've left the space out, but that is wrong as they definitely all have a space.
The following information has been taken from the EZITREE on-line help (F1 key).  When you enter a person's name to search, EZITREE normally uses the last word entered as the persons Last Name.  If you need to seek the name of a person who has a compound last name, such as 'John DE BOIS' or 'Mary VAN DER MEER', place an oblique ("\" or "/") immediately before the last name.  This will inform the search program to use all words following the oblique as the last name.
6. I decided to check some siblings and offspring of various people whom I previously knew were correct, but they all come up with " No offspring found" or "No Siblings found".
This is usually an index problem.  Go to the 'Utilities' menu option and run the 'Reindex' program.
7. I have upgraded my computer to MS Windows XP, and now EZITREE locks up when I install it.
EZITREE versions earlier than 8.32, will 'hang' at the end of the install. This is a fault with the supplied Microsoft installation program. Although the install does not appear to have worked, it has in fact completed it's processing but just doesn't know to close the screen.  You may do this yourself by pressing the "Ctrl-Alt-Del" keys to open the "Task Manager", then cancel the EZITREE install process from the task window.  If there is no EZITREE icon on your desk top you can set one up manually using the normal MS Windows commands. From EZITREE version 8.32, a new installation program has rectified this problem.  You may obtain this upgrade by returning your CD-ROM disk to the author with $A5.00 (to cover postage and handling) and the latest version will be sent by return mail. 
8. When I print the Family Group Chart, my name as the compiler of the chart appears overlaid across the middle or the chart and sometimes overprints every line of the chart.  
This is a font problem with earlier versions of Visual FoxPro, the underlying computer language in which EZITREE was written.  It only appears when font size 12 for data is selected for printing of the Family Group Chart.  The work around is to use font size 11 or smaller.
9. When I go to the Page Setup window to print a chart, the program crashes and I cannot proceed.  
This may be related to an old bug when the 'Bold' print option has been turned off.  Open the 'Utility' menu pad and select 'Defaults'.  Click the 'Preferences' tab and make sure the 'Show Text in Bold' option has been ticked.  If the problem persists, please contact me directly.
10 With the software licence arrangements, am I able to use the software on both my desktop & Laptop machines?
I have no issue with the software being used on both desktop and laptop computers as long as the software is not used by different persons concurrently.  In other words, you may have it running on both computers at the same time, for example if you are transferring data between the two machines.  However, if you are using the software on your desktop, you may not loan your laptop to a friend so that they may use it at the same time.
11 How do I backup my data to a CD-ROM?
There are two ways to backup to CD-ROM.
 1. Use the EZITREE Backup facility (the preferred method).
From the EZITREE Backup and Restore window, do a normal backup to a temporary location on your local C: hard disk drive.  This will create a file called "ETWBKUP.ZIP".  Then use your CD burner to 'burn' that file onto the CD-ROM disk.  To restore your data, just perform the reverse operation: copy the "ETWBKUP.ZIP" file from the CD-ROM to a temporary location on your local C: hard disk drive, then go to the EZITREE Backup and Restore window and restore your data from the temporary location.
 2. Burn directly to CD-ROM (more complicated).
From inside of your CD burner software, select all the files in the C:\ETW\ETWDATA folder to be 'burnt' to the CD-ROM.  In fact, my software allows me to just drag the whole folder to the destination CD-ROM.  To restore your data, use Windows Explorer and copy all the files from the CD-ROM directly back to the C:\ETW\ETWDATA folder, replacing (overwriting) any files that may already exist.
 One last thing, in both examples above MS Windows may note the files copied back from the CD-ROM 'read-only'.  You need to remove this notation before you can use EZITREE.   This can be done from inside of Windows Explorer by selecting the copied file or files, then opening the Properties option (right mouse click the selected file(s)).  Down the bottom under file attributes, ensure there is no tick in the box labelled 'read-only'.
12 I have just upgraded EZITREE and the text in some of the windows appears very tiny - almost impossible to read.  How do I fix this? 
This is a result of the 'resizing' process of windows.  The fix this problem, open the 'Utilities' menu item and select the 'Defaults' option.  The 'Defaults' window will open with several tabs.  Click the 'Preferences' tab and ensure the 'Allow Form Resizing' option is ticked.  Then position your mouse pointer over the bottom right hand corner of the window when the mouse pointer will change to a double-headed arrow.  When this happens, just hold down the mouse button and drag the corner of the window to the correct size for readability.
13 When I link a JPG image to EZITREE, no image appears.  What do I need to do to see the image?
The image software used in EZITREE sometimes has problems with black and white scanned images.  Always make sure that you scan images in colour even though the original is black and white.  If you don't have the original image to re-scan, try converting the image to GIF using your Imaging software.  This has been found to be effective.
14 When I try to save a memo, I get an "illegal operation" message.  What is the problem and how do I save the memo?
This maybe due to using the 'cut and paste' method of adding data to EZITREE memos, especially from e-mail messages.  The main issue appears to be hidden formatting characters that EZITREE stumbles over.  The easiest solution is to 'cut and paste' the whole memo into a word processor such as MS Word and save it. Then 'copy and paste' that saved text back to the EZITREE memo.  If this doesn't resolve the issue, there is no alternative other than to retype the data.
15 When doing a Name List and choosing 'records to include', I put in 'records with placename' Ledbury, select Event Name, Event Date, Event Place, and Event Age, and do 'preview' the printout does not show any deaths with the placename of Ledbury.  Why don't the death events appear?
There will never be deaths in the name listing UNLESS a person died under a name different to what they used during their life.  The Name Listing report just shows all the various names a person is recorded has having.  Hence, if a person is named Mary Smith at birth and she has no other names recorded during her life, then there will be only one name shown in this report and that will be Mary Smith with an event of birth which is the event that first recorded that name.  It doesn't matter how many other events are recorded for her, she will only ever be shown as Mary Smith.  If however she gets married and becomes Mary Jones, then there will be two names shown in the report, Mary Smith at birth and Mary Jones at marriage.
16 I added a wife where I recorded the last name was 'unknown'.  Now that I have found the correct name of the wife it still shows 'unknown' against the husband and children. However if I click on the wife or mother shown as 'unknown' I get the record with the correct name.  How do I fix this?
The correct place to change a person’s name is as follows:  From ‘Event View’ click the <Change> pushbutton.  Then click the <Names> pushbutton (it’s on the right) to open the ‘Update Names…’ window.  Click the <Select All> pushbutton then type the new name where indicated, then click the <Alter Name> pushbutton and <Ok>.  This will change the names shown on the linked spouses and children. 
17 Is there anyway of getting a report showing all images linked into EZITREE?
Yes, this can be done using one of the 'Find' processes and it will give a description of the image, its location and a 'thumbnail' of the image.  From the menu, click the 'Find' pad and select the 'Text' option. This will open the EZITREE 'Find Text' menu.  Click the 'Multimedia List' (it should be on the bottom right), then click the <Search> pushbutton. This will display a 'Find Results' window if there are any multimedia items. Next, click the <Print> pushbutton to display the EZITREE Page Setup window from where you <Print>. <Preview> or output the listing to <File>. 
18 I am confused as how to start entering my information. Is it best to start with the earliest ancestor I have found and continue from there by adding their spouses and children or should I just add everyone I have individually and then go back and fill in all the information I have on them?
The reality is that there is no special 'order' for entering records into EZITREE. This is because you don't need to link anyone unless you want to. For example, you may find a person with a name of interest however you can't find where they 'fit' into your family history.  You can go back and locate them (there is an Unlinked Persons option) and then link them in.  However, having said that my recommendation is to set yourself up as record #00001, your father as #00002, your mother as #00003, your paternal grandfather as #00004, etc, until you run out of family.  At least this way, the names you know are at the front.  By the way, there is no automatic linking, unless you select or add a person as a spouse, partner, mother, father or child. 
19 I cannot enter dates into the date fields on the Event Update window because there is only room for one digit.
This may result from form resizing and is covered under FAQ #14. This is fixed by making sure that ‘Allow Form Resizing’ option is ticked under ‘Preferences’ of the ‘Defaults’ menu item under ‘Utilities’.  Then move the mouse cursor slowly over the bottom left hand corner of the Event Update window until you see a double headed arrow. Next, click and drag (whilst still holding the left mouse button down) slowly in a diagonal direction to the bottom right.  This will make the form proportionally bigger and make the date fields larger.  Recent changes have been made to the screen design to make these fields slightly larger to try and prevent this sort of thing happening in the future.  Unfortunately, resizing a form sometimes doesn’t make the fields ‘grow’ at the same rate as the text fonts that are entered into them.
20 I am unable to save source details.  When I click the <Save> button I get an error and re-installing does not fix the problem.  The error message in 'errorsys.txt' says program 'ESETLASTSOURCE' has a variable 'FILESORT' not found.
The error relates to a missing index name for the file 'lastsour' which is a transient problem and could be system related. The file “lastsour” holds details of the last 20 source records entered for when you click the <Repeat> button thus is not a critical data file. To fix this problem, pease open Windows Explorer and go to “C:\ETW\ETWDATA\”.  Locate two files called “lastsour.dbf” and “lastsour.cdx”.  Rename these files to lastsourold.dbf” and “lastsourold.cdx” respectively.  Restart EZITREE and check if you can access sources.  The software will regenerate the files as empty on startup if they are missing.

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