The Toomey Family Name

This web page is dedicated to the origin of the family name of Toomey, and all its variations.

In old Irish, the sept or family was called Ui Tuaima: in modern Irish this name is written as O'Tuama. The name is from the Celtic word that means a dyke, a dune or an earthen fence. The sept name was very probably derived from such formations, which were noteworthy in the locality where the name originated. The worthy progenitor or patriach of the family, who has his name perpetuated by his descendants, was one Donnoch na Tuaima, or as we would say - Donnough of the Dykes.

Over twenty years ago, I was actively researching the name of Toomey and published sixteen newsletters about the Toomey name between 1982 and 1988. These newsletters contained original source material about the Toomey name as well as information from people researching their Toomey ancestors. Unfortunately, after 1988 other commitments meant I no longer had the time to produce them. This is something I would like to remedy in the future now that I am retired.

In the meantime, I have decided to place the previously published newsletters on this website so they may be freely viewed and downloaded. When you read what I wrote all those years ago, please don't be too critical as it was early days of family history research in this country with few resources and fewer indexes.  Also, the newsletters were printed using a very cantankerous, second-hand Gestetner which gave us hours of grief but still managed to achieve the desired results.  The newsletters will be progressively added to the list after they have been scanned and converted to text using an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program.

To view these newsletters as PDF files, please click on editions from the following list-

Vol 1 No1 - March 1982 Vol 2 No1 - March 1983    
Vol 1 No2 - June 1982      
Vol 1 No3 - September 1982      
Vol 1 No4 - December 1982      

Please be aware that due to the length of time since they were written, the above newsletters may contain information especially names and addresses, which are no longer current. If you want to contact me regarding the newsletters, please click here to send an email or use our current mailing address: P.O. Box 9206, Lighthouse Beach, NSW, 2444.

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